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2010 Mahjongg Lite 4.0

2010 Mahjongg is a board game with OpenGL compatible 3D graphics
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Mahjongg is one of the oldest games known. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular gambling games played in Asia, and it is becoming popular around the world. This game requires skills, cool mind and also some luck. There are many versions of this game by various developers, and this one is definitely worth checking out.

2010 Mahjongg Lite is a board game with OpenGL compatible three-dimensional graphics, as well as various other features for your amusement. When you are getting tired and bored, you can play 2010 Mahjongg Lite for time pass. The download is fast and the setup is easy.

To play the game, you need to understand it first, but don’t worry, it is very simple. You click on a pair of identical tiles at a time (scoring points) until you remove them all. The only condition - there should be no tiles on one of the sides of the board. The tiles to click on must be similar falling in the category of Flower or Season family; at this point, they have to be from those types. You will find two pairs of tiles of each kind, that is to say four flower tiles and four season tiles.

If you get tired clicking on the wrong tiles, you can use the “Hint” feature, which will show you the right tiles to choose. You can easily “undo” or “redo” your moves up to the beginning of your game.

I have played 2010 Mahjongg Lite many times and found it really amusing. I like the concept of the game very much, as well as its level of customization.

Luis Sanchez
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